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Yamaha Genos: New Firmware 2.0

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha has just announced the launch, next Friday, November 15, of version 2.0 of the firmware for the Genos, flagship of keyboards arranger of the Hamamatsu brand.

The Yamaha Genos, released in mid-2017, remains one of the most logical choices for professional keyboard players, whether live or studio. Its inexhaustible palette of sounds, as well as its extensive sequencing, connectivity and effects options, make it an unbeatable candidate whatever your style.

Knowing this, Yamaha continues to take care of the Genos as it did on the first day, so that it remains an alternative for professional musicians and does not fall behind in functions and technology. And on top of that, it’s free!

The release of OS 2.0 includes several improvements and new options, keeping its lightning-fast workflow intact. The main feature is the expansion of available memory from 1.8 to 3.0 Gb, which is achieved by redistributing the space on the enormous hard drive available (50 Gb). Another very striking new feature is the brand new chord memory (Chord Looper), which allows you to record chord loops, leaving both hands free for other purposes.


Here is the official video of the update with all the new features:

We leave it to you in text, in case you don’t want to spend the precious megabytes of your rate:

  • Increased Expansion Memory

Upgrading to Version 2.0 will increase your Expansion Memory from 1.8 to 3.0GB, so you can have much more content on your Genos.

  • New Contents – SUPERIOR PACK Genos V.20 (50 Styles / 68 Voices)

The SUPERIOR PACK GENOS V2.0 adds 50 new Styles of musical genres such as classical pop and dance, as well as new Premium SA2 Voices such as Pan Flutes, Human Voices and Trombone. What’s more, modern Synth Voices like “Monolan Bass”, recently included in the PSR-SX900, are also included, so you can create and play music from any era, from classic to the latest hits.

  • Quick installation using a USB flash drive

With the new Genos Version 2.0, the Yamaha Expansion Manager software has also been updated. In previous versions, incremental installations could only be done via Wi-Fi, but with the latest version 2.6, the new “Quick Install” feature appears using a USB flash drive. Installing expansion packs has never been easier.

  • Chord Looper function

The new Chord Looper function allows you to record chord loops, leaving both hands free to play melodies, or operate the knobs and buttons on the keyboard to modify the sound however you want.

  • Style Reset – Style Reset

Simply press the (TAP TEMPO) button while a Style is playing to jump to the beginning of the Style. Style Reset is particularly useful when playing with a singer and when playing songs with different time signatures.

  • Enhanced Scale Tuning Function

You can now select which part of the right hand (Right1, RIGHT2, Right3) you want to apply Scale Tuning to, from the Scale Tuning screen itself. Now you can assign different tunings temporarily with the Sub Scale function, and configure settings quickly with the “Quick Scale Tuning Adjustment” function, which you can even assign to assignable buttons or pedals.

  • Improved Style Builder

The presentation and operation of the Style Creator screen has been improved and optimized.

  • The adjustment possibilities of the Time signature.
  • Additional Functionality Portamento Type

    You can now configure the Crossfade by using the Mono Type option in the Voice Edit screen. You can also configure the Portamento Type on the Voice Edit screen.

  • Has increased the maximum number of User Effects available.
  • Now you can order your Playlist in alphabetical order.

From Yamaha they inform us that this list may increase until the launch.

Via Yamaha Spain.

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