Wireless accessories for cochlear implants

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Wireless accessories for cochlear implants

Wireless devices make life more convenient. They give you more autonomy and freedom of action. With the same quality and performance, nobody wants cables. That’s why, UMusic offers the new wireless accessories Cochlear. As he mini microphone as the phone clip and the television transmitter They connect to the sound processor without the aid of devices worn around the neck. And for this reason, and for their own usefulness, they facilitate hearing performance in situations that often pose a challenge for many people with cochlear implants.

From now on, and thanks to the aforementioned wireless accessories, those implanted will be able to hear from a distance, understand and maintain a conversation on a mobile phone, discriminate speech in a noisy environment and listen to television at the volume they want.

The use of these accessories is very simple. You just have to turn on the sound processor and proceed to link them. This connection uses the same wireless protocol as the devices Bluetooth and WIFI.

Currently, only the CP910 and CP920 sound processors are compatible with Cochlear Wireless accessories.. Users who are unsure whether their sound processor works with these add-ons can contact any of UMusic’ more than 600 hearing implant reference centers.

The effectiveness of these wireless accessories for cochlear implants and the evaluation made by those who have tried them is reflected in this video. User reactions are very illustrative.

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