Estrenamos “Milionària”, la versión de Rosalía de Navet

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We premiere “Milionària”, the version of Rosalía de Navet

Navet They surprise us with nothing less than a version of the successful song by Rosalia “Milonària”. The Barcelona group takes the theme completely to its own territory.

After several singles and the album “Tot el que no sé de nosaltres”, published by Kasba Music, Navet returns to activity and they do so with a version of one of Rosalía's hits, an artist they consider “one of the greats.” voices of our time”.

As they explain, in 2015, Adria Salas of The sticker, proposed to them to produce some songs from their side project Air Canela, something they accepted. During the recording of the songs for what would be a four-track EP, Salas introduced them to one of the vocalists, warning them that she was a great vocalist. And that girl turned out to be Roslía.

Almost a decade later, Rosalía is a world star and Navet pays her a small tribute by covering her “Milionària”. In addition to Christian Rey and Salva Rey, the song features Lara Streccia (keyboards and vocals), Vidal Soler (guitar) and Robert Gibiaqui (drums).

Navet were born in Pinkerland, the studio-laboratory in which Christian Rey, Salva Rey and Alex Llovet (The Pinker Tones) They have been working, researching, playing and enjoying music for years. Now two of its members rely on Catalan and melancholic pop to express themselves. Alex Llovet decided to disappear from the stage and for this reason this new project will be led on stage by the brothers Salva and Christian, although always counting on the lyrical and visual support of Alex, who becomes the hidden card, the ace in the hole, taking care of the lyrics, photography and some arrangements.

Musically speaking, the project draws on classic and contemporary references, mixing the more acoustic side of artists such as Iron & Wine or Sufjan Stevens, with analog synthesis textures such as Air, Massive Attack or James Blake. Thus the musical composition is situated between pop and folk with several layers of arrangements that can range from subtle electric guitars to analog and digital synthesizers, and other contemporary environments.

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