Violeta points to her "future" by mixing genres

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Violeta points to her “future” by mixing genres

As Operación Triunfo comes to an end, at next Monday’s gala, number 12, the expelled contestants continue presenting their first pitches. After Álex Marquez, Suzete, Salma and Denna, it is Violeta Hódar’s turn.

Violeta has been one of the great favorites of Operación Triunfo even before entering the Academy. Demonstrating a taste for Anglo-Saxon pop and R&B, Hódar entered singing ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline and came out offering her best moment in the contest adapting ‘Blue Lights’ by Jorja Smith.

It is possible that Violeta’s comfort zone is found in the sound of Jorja Smith, SZA or Sabrina Claudio. She may not want to give up the influence of Spanish tradition either. She is from Granada and, she says, her first single, ‘el x coming’, is inspired by Lorca. She had the ‘Romancero gitano’ at the Academy and she read it every time she could.

In ‘El reminiscent of Judeline’s early work.

Born from a personal “metamorphosis”, ‘el x coming’ points musically in different directions and offers an amalgam of influences. It can be said that it is experimental or, from another point of view, that the vocal melody takes a backseat, sadly, since Violeta’s voice color contains great potential.

Although who knows what “the future” holds for Violeta, it is evident that with this first single she is simply putting a toe in the water of the music industry. The careers of, for example, Natalia Lacunza, La Cruz, Sabela or Marilia, have ended up developing successfully during the years following her departure from the Academy, slowly but surely.

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