Vetusta Morla sets a date for her album… and announces a break until 2026

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Vetusta Morla sets a date for her album… and announces a break until 2026

Vetusta Morla has announced that her new album, 'figurantes', comes out on May 31. Additionally, the group has revealed that they will take a break from performing until 2026 “if all goes well.” In 2024, Vetusta Morla will perform the live shows that were already scheduled in Spain between May and September. Except for “some special detail” that may arise, after these presentations there will be no more national or international dates.

In a statement, Vetusta Morla gives the reasons for his break. He says that “we have been at a dizzying pace for many years in a row, sustaining the pressure,” facing the “human grinder that this industry can be,” and that its members need to stop and regain strength “for health reasons.”

Vetusta Morla explains that, in the middle of deciding to take a break, she found that she had a handful of songs recorded that made up a new album. “At first we thought we would take it out suddenly and disappear,” says the Madrid band. However, the group has made the decision to dedicate 2024 to presenting 'figurantes' only in Spain and, once the tour is over, to temporarily retire from the stage.

Vetusta Morla concludes his letter by explaining that until 2026 arrives “we will see the action from other places, we will push other projects, we will dedicate our time to enjoying and taking care of our people, to installing more washing machines. In short, to live and enjoy.

From 'figurantes' Vetusta Morla has already released three previews, 'Cathedrals', 'Bridges' and 'The Sheet of My Ghosts'.

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