Vallesecreto es el proyecto en solitario de Miguel Rueda (Ballena)

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Vallesecreto is the solo project of Miguel Rueda (Ballena)

Camilo is this It is the first single from Secret Valley. Behind the musician from Malaga Miguel Ruedawhich in parallel to Whale He immerses himself in a much more personal speech if possible. A leave of absence whose fruit is expected to crystallize in an EP that already tacitly defines the project Japanese doing Flamenco.

I'm going to take advantage of this silence. This is how it starts Camilo is thisthe solo debut of Miguel Rueda. And the man from Malaga takes advantage of any moment to open his notebook and write songs that he then keeps in secret places like this one or that form part of any Ballena release. The truth is that after joining bands like Cecilia Ann, Fila India or those seminal Blue Meanies, over time came a large family and a late but celebrated vocation to write songs, and to make them with a personal stamp. The promo sheet talks about Dinosaur Jr., Wilco or The Shins and in Spanish, Los Planetas or Triángulo de Amor Bizarro but nothing more strange. The good thing about Vallesecreto is that he has that very personal character that avoids common places. In this story of passion that ended fallow, the Kinks or the Animals resonate but at the bottom of the valley. Then there is that language of ironic manners that the author likes so much. Miguel expresses it this way: The impostor syndrome, the fish out of water, equating oneself with an “Aponese doing flamenco”, pissing out of the pot or the feeling of not belonging to what one loves musically but still, with determination, continue searching for the perfect song utopia . Which is something that we already know does not exist.

In short, in the tail of the Whale we knew that there were more concerns traveling and here they are. Secret Valley. An open secret soon. Listen because this is Camilo is this or not.

In Camilo is Est', Miguel Rueda composes the music, the lyrics and plays the bass, guitars and sings; Daniel Guzman (La Cena) plays the drums; the percussion and guitar arrangements are by Jose Manuel Cardenas (The Dinner/Whale).

Wild Punk releases this release on all the usual streaming platforms and is the first preview of an EP titled Japanese doing Flamencowhich will be released later this year in 2024.

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