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UAD2 from Universal Audio with Promotion

UAD2 Promo

Universal Audio has launched some promotions on its range of DSP accelerators UAD2 to boost the performance of your audio system.


UAD2 systems are DSP processors into which you can load the plugins from Universal Audio. Depending on the number of accelerator DSPs you have, you can load more or fewer plugins. And all without affecting your computer’s CPU.

Of course, you have a meter that tells you how charged your UAD2 is, or your Apollo if you have one. With all this, you can load extremely quality effects, without affecting the performance of your system.

UAD2 meter

And, with this current offer, they are included in your purchase. Depending on the DSP you purchase, you will have a certain number of free plugins.

UAD2 Plugin Promo

So now you know, if you buy a UAD2 Octo:

  • Universal Audio UAD2 Octo Core PCIe
  • Universal Audio UAD2 Octo Custom PCIe
  • Universal Audio UAD2 Satellite USB Octo Core
  • Universal Audio UAD2 Satellite USB Octo Custom
  • Universal Audio UAD2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 Octo Custom
  • Universal Audio UAD2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 Octo Core

You will have access to all the plugins in the promo. And, if, on the other hand, you opt for a UAD2 with 4 DSPs:

  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB Quad Core
  • Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite USB Quad Custom
  • Universal Audio UAD2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 Quad Core

You will have access to the Lexicon reverb and the Tube Compressor Collection.

The plugins are:

Avalon VT-737

Avalon VT-737

The dominant recording channel for chart-topping pop, hip-hop and R&B productions, Avalon’s VT-737 is the best-selling independent channel ever created. From Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, to Babyface and Beyonce, to Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones, the VT-737 delivers consistently polished results, with radio-ready brilliance and detail.

Lexicon 480L

Lexicon 480L

Launched in 1986, the Lexicon® 480L digital effects system and its iconic fader-operated remote control are recognized around the world, and have resided at the center of the most famous studio consoles for over 30 years. The 480L’s spacious reverb and effects textures are a coveted sonic benchmark, helping shape thousands of chart-topping tracks to this day.

Now available exclusively for UAD hardware and UA audio interfaces, the UAD Lexicon 480L digital reverb and effects plugin is the world’s only Lexicon-backed emulation of this classic studio reverb, expertly capturing its unique, infinitely moldable vibe and its splendor of modulation.

Capitol Chambers

Capitol Chambers

Located beneath the iconic Capitol Tower in Los Angeles, Capitol Studios is arguably the most recognized studio in the world, and much of its legend can be traced back to its hallowed underground echo chambers. From Ray Charles to Frank Sinatra, from Beck to Muse, these underground spaces continue to provide a magnificent hi-fi environment that is simply incomparable.

Now, after years of R&D and close collaboration with Capitol Studios, including unprecedented access to four legendary echo chambers 30 feet below the studio, Universal Audio proudly presents the Capitol Chambers plugin, a stunning recreation of extreme One of the most popular echo chambers ever created, exclusively for UAD hardware and UA audio interfaces.

UA 175B and 176

UA 175B and 176

Introduced in the early 1960s, Universal Audio’s 175B™ and 176™ compressors were the first audio compressors specially designed for recording and mixing music in the studio. Often among the most important achievements of audio pioneer and UA founder Bill Putnam Sr., the 175B and 176 are legendary for their rich tube gain reduction character, fast attack and sonic flexibility.

With only approximately 1,000 units made, vintage 175B and 176 models easily cost over $5,000 in today’s vintage market. They can be found on the shelves of some of the best studios in the world. Now, you can mix with the only emulation of plugin authentic of the original UA 175B and 176 compressors.

How to get the plugins when purchasing your new UAD2

When you register your processor on the Universal Audio website you will see that it appears in your account as automatically purchased. So, you know, go to and choose the DSP accelerator that you like the most.

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