Tulsa dares "to be different" in 'Peach'

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Tulsa dares “to be different” in ‘Peach’

‘Amadora’ is one of the best albums of 2023, thanks, among other things, to the two great singles that presented it. ‘I don’t want to make history’ was already Song of the Day and ‘Peach’ is today.

This is one of Tulsa’s most pop songs. It is expressed by the music riding, the trotting rhythm, which like the lyrics gives free rein to horses that until then remained tied. Look, Iza talks about stopping touching “the fruit so much before choosing,” as if her life depended on it. He speaks of losing his hair, of leaving behind a repressed stage: “I always tie my horses to avoid a slip.”

Now she wants to “dare to be another” to “contemplate reality in a different way.” Although this even entails taking others ahead: “for example, stealing money from you and getting what I deserve and a little more.”

In Muzikalia, Tulsa defended the theme like this: «“Melocotón” is the necessary escape from ‘Amadora’, what doesn’t happen in reality you invent in fiction. It was very necessary, the song of losing one’s heart, of freeing oneself and letting oneself go. On a musical level it is very accomplished and the credit goes to Ángel Luján, who added those synths that I think are the most brilliant on the album.

Regarding this point of “dare to”, he told JENESAISPOP: “It has a point of launching you into change. Everything is intended to be a description of a transformation, a change of skin. As you get older you discover great things. You see that you have made profound changes, which are not trivial or superficial. There are things that change meaning, and if you are not very old you cannot perceive them. The album is an ode to change.

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