Tove Lo and SG Lewis get “heated” in their new hit

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Tove Lo and SG Lewis get “heated” in their new hit

Tove Lo has just taken a firm step onto the dance floor by releasing 'HEAT', a new EP of four songs designed in the style of 90s house-pop. Together with her ally, SG Lewis, Tove Lo delivers a work that is fully hedonist that would not have existed without the pressure of his fans. “Thank you for bullying us so we could make this EP,” Tove declared online.

'Heat', the official single, shows that it is not enough to shoot the typical piano house base to make a classic. Tove Lo, a master of melody, submits to the outburst without losing personality. She is still the star. “You don't stop looking at me, because looking is free,” she sings. She is on another level: “You want my body, but my body is too much for you.”

With echoes of Marradonna's 'Out of My Head' (1994), with which it shares even the “baggy” base, more nineties than the nineties, 'Heat' as a production does not contain any mystery, but therein lies its charm. Tove and Lewis are betting on a classic, nostalgic sound, and they have scored another hit that will be heard a lot this Pride.

In the video clip for 'Heat', a tribute to the “queer clubs of the world”, Ebba and Samuel have not cut corners either, raising the erotic dose to 200%: the video comes with an age restriction.

Tove Lo and SG Lewis have just been number 1 in the JENESAISPOP top 40 with 'Love Bites', their single with Nelly Furtado. In 'Heat' they are still installed in the nightclub.

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