Tinnitus during pregnancy

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Tinnitus during pregnancy

It is common that many pregnant women report ringing in the ears, especially during the second half of pregnancy. Although they usually disappear after childbirth, in the next post we give you more details about why tinnitus appears during pregnancy and what is the best treatment to combat them.

Pregnancy involves notable physical and hormonal changes, which are accentuated in many cases in the second half of the pregnancy. And among the symptoms that may appear are tinnitus and its annoying ringing in the ears.

Possible causes of tinnitus during pregnancy

There is no direct and confirmed cause that explains the appearance of tinnitus during pregnancy. However, there are different situations that increase the risk of suffering. ringing in the ears:

  • Anemia. In the case of women, lack of iron is usually a common problem.
  • Stress. Insomnia and nerves can cause stress, which is always a driver of tinnitus.
  • Preeclampsia. We are talking about a pathology that causes an increase in blood pressure that can lead to hypertension. And it is precisely these changes in blood pressure that can cause tinnitus by causing variations in blood flow to the inner ear.

Treatment of tinnitus during pregnancy

As we pointed out at the beginning of the post, the most common thing is that these annoying ringing or ringing in the ear disappear after childbirth. However, while they last they can be very annoying. Therefore, if they are really very persistent and affect your daily life, it is recommended to do a habituation therapy, with which through a therapeutic sound it is possible to distract attention from that ringing in the ear, to the point that it can go unnoticed by the affected person. If you are interested, You can make an appointment with one of our specialized centers.

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