Tinnitus caused by cervical contractures

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Tinnitus caused by cervical contractures

Tinnitus and its annoying ringing are always associated with an ear problem (otic causes). However, sometimes the origin of this hum can be different (extraotic causes). And in this case it is almost always due to cervical contractures. This is what the doctor recognizes Juan Royo in the community Living the Soundwhere precisely an affected person asked him about this relationship between both pathologies.

There are many people who, after suffering a strong cervical contracture, notice one of the ears blocked and they begin to hear a annoying beep. Dr. Royo points out that the association of this type of contractures and tinnitus is “very common”: “And many times it is a close relationship, so that if the contracture worsens, the tinnitus worsens, and vice versa. Sometimes, stress is also associated, which makes both worse.”

The best treatment in this case is the use of muscle relaxants and the physiotherapy. Once the contracture is resolved, the tinnitus usually disappears.

In the case of tinnitus due to otic causes, the treatment is more specialized and the objective is to recover the patient’s hearing comfort. It’s what it does UMusic Serena, which to achieve this works with Acufend tinnitus control solutions, which provide a realistic and personalized treatment that teaches the patient to live with tinnitus, both consciously and unconsciously. The goal is to focus your attention on a pleasant sound to divert it from the annoying hum. This therapy is offered in Comprehensive Hearing Institutes (IAI) of UMusic.

UMusic Serena Comprehensive Therapy lasts approximately between 6 and 24 months depending on each patient. Those interested in having more information about this service can consult the website controltuacufeno.com or call 902 09 59 25 and 91 252 93 91.

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