Tinashe's 'Nasty' deserves to be more than a microviral

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Tinashe is heading towards her long-awaited global hit with 'Nasty'

Today's movements on Spotify's global charts include the entry of Sabrina Carpenter's 'Please Please Please' at number 9 – the best debut of her career – and Jung Kook's 'Never Let Go' at number 14: BTS may be retired doing their military service, but its members continue to score hits on charts without breaking a sweat.

Tinashe is also celebrating, as the viral 'Nasty' is becoming her biggest hit in a decade. On Spotify in the United States it has just broken into the top 100 – it is position 94 – but, in addition, the song has just debuted on the global list, specifically in position 179, marking almost 1.42 million reproductions.

The success of 'Nasty' on a global scale is incipient, but its inclusion in Today's Top Hits – the most listened to playlist in the world – is already a reality and ensures that its climb up the charts is far from over. In the United States we can talk about a small phenomenon thanks to the viral dance and the use of the hook “It's somebody gonna match my freak” in various memes.

It has taken Tinashe 10 years to achieve something resembling a hit. And with 'Nasty' she marks the goal of leaving the United States: although '2 On' remains her most popular song, 'Nasty' represents the first time she has placed a single on Spotify's global chart. As for “real” charts, at the very least, her breakout on the Billboard Hot 100 should be close.

In recent days, celebrities like Camila Cabello and Orville Peck have joined the 'Nasty' viral. Among the curiosities, a mash-up of 'Nasty' with… 'Space Song' by Beach House has also circulated on TikTok.

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