The SPRINTS band starts 2024 "heavy"

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The SPRINTS band starts 2024 “heavy”

We have just started with 2024 and this week a notable album has already been released. This is the debut of the Dubliners SPRINTS, who have signed with the City Slang label, home at different times to Lemonheads, Yo La Tengo, Flaming Lips and Junior Boys. In their case, the singles that anticipated this first album made us think more of Hole, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Sleater-Kinney, as was the case with the furious ‘Up and Comer’.

The group was formed in 2019 influenced “by the first Pixies” (LOL) and also by Bauhaus, Siouxsie Sioux, King Gizzard, Savages and LCD Soundsystem. They released an EP called ‘Manifesto’ in 2021, and another in 2022 called ‘A Modern Job’, with headline-grabbing tracks that caught the attention of every British press you can think of.

Singer, guitarist and main songwriter Karla Chubb says that the long ‘Letter to Self’ is a personal and autobiographical work. Her goal is to “take things that are considered inherently negative—feelings of anxiety, anger, and rage—and turn them into something positive. Use our experiences to fuel ourselves and pour them into a positive output. “It’s cathartic, it’s honest, it’s raw.” For example, the “focus track” of the album released this Friday, ‘Heavy’, our Song of the Day today.

‘Heavy’ boasts its own “easy idea” of going from less to more, even repeating the entire lyrics from pe to pa. “Do you ever feel like the room is heavy?” she asks herself before unleashing pogos and guitars that are not jevis, but almost, along with a new unleashed chorus: “I’m watching the world go around a window beside me.” ». And that conclusion with which even the rocker Olivia Rodrigo, always suffering, will agree: “I can’t sleep.”

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