The Spanish Wave presenta a tres artistas emergentes en Mad Cool

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The Spanish Wave presents three emerging artists at Mad Cool

The Spanish Wave presents three emerging international artists to be discovered in Mad Cool 2024. These are those little secrets that the project discovers at international festivals in Latam, Europe, Africa or Asia.

The three artists that have been selected for this edition are Choses Sauvages, Julia Sabaté and SLIXso you shouldn't miss them at the Madrid festival.

Choses Sauvages is a Quebec musical group composed of Félix Bélisle, MarcAntoine Barbier, Thierry Malépart, Tommy Bélisle and Philippe Gauthier-Boudreau, who debuted in 2011 with the EP “Late Night” and that, since then, has won a lot of awards as the best indie rock group and album in its country. They say that, in concert, they are a real machine to make you dance. By the way, they sing in French.

A few months ago they published the single “Pression”, which they accompanied with a colorful video clip full of color and built on an addictive rhythmic base. Among his hits are songs like “La valse de trottoirs”, “Ariane”, “Apophis” or “L'or et l'argent”.

Julia Sabate is a Dutch artist of Catalan origin who has already been in the Dutch Trade Mission in Madrid and in the showcase that The Spanish Wave had in January in ESNS (Eurosonic), one of the leading European music industry festivals. Sabaté has been signed by Live Nation as an artist in development in our country. Her combination of emo rock, pop, electronica and hip hop – singing in Spanish – will make us have great moments. In Barcelona she has also been seen live and we can affirm that hers is a compact and very dreamy live performance. In 2024 she returns to Madrid to perform at the Mad Cool Festival on Friday, July 12 via The Spanish Wave.

As to SLIXis a very young Scottish band that exudes pure energy teenager as we already discovered at The Great Escape's Mad Cool party last May in Brighton (United Kingdom). They debuted in 2019 and have not stopped growing, becoming since their EP “Jingle Jangle” (22) in one of the most promising groups in his country.

Their concerts are pure alternative indie rock energy and the lyrics are capable of making all their young fans identify with what they are singing. They are young,
with attitude and a staging that transmits. A discovery that you should not miss on Saturday, July 13 at Mad Cool.

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