The Sonoro Forest is lost to Amaral due to “torrential rains”

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The Sonoro Forest is lost to Amaral due to “torrential rains”

The organization of El Bosque Sonoro has been forced to cancel the fifth edition of the festival due to inclement weather. The last day was to receive Amaral at his only concert in Aragón in 2024. The rest of the lineup included Luz Casal, El Kanka, Depedro, Tulsa and Rodrigo Cuevas, among others.

The 2024 edition of El Bosque Sonoro began on June 7 and had to end with the big day on Sunday. However, it was announced through a statement on the networks that the festival could not continue with its programming: «After the torrential rains last night in Mozota and a good part of Aragón, the panorama that we found this morning at the venue has been devastating,” the report began.

The storm has caused damage to infrastructure and inaccessibility to the venue. “We have been working all morning looking for solutions that would guarantee the viability of the festival and your safety… but there are none,” the organization reported. With special regret for the cancellation of Amaral, they have also confirmed that “the amount of the Sunday ticket will be refunded”, but they ask for “the time necessary to manage it.”

The Sonoro Forest emerged during confinement, with the objective of “holding safe cultural events that would generate economic opportunities for the territory and the sector.” For this reason, they were not considered a festival, but rather a “cultural and environmental rehabilitation project.”

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