La serie “Una perra andaluza” se estrenará a través de Filmin

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The series “Una perra andaluza” will be released through Filmin

The Serie LGBTIQ+ directed by Pablo Bacon, “An Andalusian dog”will reach Filmin the next June 7th with cameos like Falete either Christina Medina.

The first season of the series “An Andalusian dog” It will be available next June 7 on the platform Filmin. The Bacon series explores underground nature through different personalities and through several young people who explore different desires. The series has been labeled a “drama” by the team itself. The soundtrack will feature songs from Vera Fauna, Soleá Morente, Zahara, The Blue House, La Bien Querida, Rocío Saiz or Le Parodyamong others.

Although the creation process of the series was affected by the pandemic and different conditions such as lack of budget or means, after several years of filming the first season of “An Andalusian dog.” In addition, the series has a unique cast and cameos by guest stars such as Christina Medina (“The one that is coming”), Maripaz Sayago (“The Messiahs”), David Sainz (“Living badly”) either Alberto Velasco (“Vis a Vis”), among many others. After screening its pilot episode at renowned festivals such as the IV FOC Culture With Pride or the II Queer Season and dazzle all audiences, success is coming in terms of reception. According to Pablo Tocino about the nod to Buñuel with the title: “You absolutely do not have to be an Andalusian bitch to enter here, but if you are or if you feel like an Andalusian bitch, I want you to know that you do not have to 'soften' anything to enter here ”.

On the other hand, it is known that the second season of “An Andalusian dog” It is already filmed, also in the Andalusian provinces, and it is estimated that post-production will end during the summer so as not to keep fans who have enjoyed the first season waiting. In this second season there will be a soundtrack created for the occasion by Ghouljaboy.

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