The price of hearing aids

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The price of hearing aids

When one of us or our family is diagnosed with Hearing loss, we tend to almost automatically think of hearing aids as one of the best solutions. Of course. And in an almost parallel way, we ask ourselves how much do hearing aids cost. In the next post we give you more details about the price of these devices and the factors that influence it.

The first point to comment when we talk about hearing aid price is to differentiate this product from the amplifieris, that they are sometimes advertised as ‘cheap headphones’ when in reality they have nothing to do with each other. The difference starts from the fact that Hearing aids are a medical product whose objective is to solve or minimize hearing loss, while amplifiers are electronic devices whose function is limited to increasing sound.. Therefore, both devices are governed by different controls and regulations. The sales channel is also different: while amplifiers can be purchased in any store and even online, hearing aids can only be purchased in specialized hearing aid centers.

This different nature of these two products is key to understanding why an amplifier can be found for less than 100 euroswhile The price of a hearing aid ranges between 600 and 2,000 eurosdepending on model and features.

What influences the final price of hearing aids?

The final price of a hearing aid will depend on different factors, all of them related to technical specifications. Thus, the final cost will be influenced by noise reduction degree that provide, the sound reception qualitythe presence of a coupling system and the functionalities linked to connectivity with other devices (television, smartphone, headphones, etc.) that they include. Based on these characteristics, each manufacturer offers different models and price ranges.

At UMusic, when talking about hearing aid prices, we group the models into 4 categories: the behind-the-ear hearing aidsthe hearing aids that allow you to understand speech in noisy environmentsthe headphones with directional microphones that allow sounds to be captured in a 360º arc and those that allow excellent speech understanding in difficult listening situations.

What does the final price of a hearing aid include?

In the case of UMusic, when purchasing a hearing aid, apart from the device itself, our client gets a series of additional benefits:

  • Three years warranty.
  • Coverage against theft and loss.
  • 1 year of free batteries.
  • An annual hearing check.
  • Replacement hearing aid in case of incident.
  • A periodic review and cleaning of the hearing aids.
  • Financing in easy installments.
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