The Ponto processor, a good option for children

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The Ponto processor, a good option for children

Hearing well It is important at all ages. But, without a doubt, it is decisive in the case of boys and girls with hearing losswell conditions their linguistic and reading skills and, therefore, their school performance and its social relationships. In the case of minors with mixed hearing loss either unilateral hearing loss one of the best options is he Ponto processor for osseointegrated implants. In this post we explain its characteristics and benefits.

He Ponto processor offers numerous advantages for boys and girls with hearing loss. To start, it offers a accessory which makes it adaptable to anyone affected, regardless of their age. We talk about the Ponto tape, comfortable and adjustable, so it is comfortable to wear and adapts to the pace of life of each little boy or girl. These are its main characteristics:

  • soft material anti-allergenic.
  • SoundConnector with smooth surface to have comfortable contact with the skin throughout the day.
  • safety rope of the processor to prevent it from hitting the ground in case it is disconnected by accident.
  • Until 14 colors to choose from.
  • Can attach the processor and the SoundConnector Ponto a caps and other accessories for the head.

The Ponto processor is also a good option for boys and girls because it has customizable programs that adapt to each case. Additionally, this device offers a resistant layer to manipulation, which prevents children from accessing batteries.

Different colors for the Ponto processor

The Ponto processor has interchangeable covers and stickers to give a fun and colorful touch to the device, which always facilitates its acceptance by the little ones. In this sense, the possibility is also offered for boys and girls to Customize your processors with different cases and stickerswhich can change over time.

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