The magnetic loop as an aid for hearing aid users

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The magnetic loop as an aid for hearing aid users

The users of earphones and hearing implants They cannot always fully enjoy customer services or shows of all kinds on equal terms. Ambient noise conditions your hearing in many cases, a situation that can be corrected if a hearing aid is installed in these spaces. magnetic loop. In this post we explain what this sound system consists of and what its benefits are.

A magnetic loop, also called loop inductionis a sound system that transforms the audio signal in a magnetic field that is then captured by hearing aids with ‘T’ position. This functionality allows this magnetic field to be transformed into sound inside the user’s ear, who can hear it like this no reverberations or ambient noise. The result is a clean soundwith the adequate volume and perfectly intelligible.

The doctor Juan Royofrom the online hearing health community Living the Sound, points out that practically 100% of hearing aids and hearing implants have this technology, that is, they are provided with the aforementioned ‘T’ position. For Royo, the magnetic loop “It is one of the great current technological advances to help in the total integration of the hearing impaired in a society as noisy as ours”.

Where is it recommended to have a magnetic loop?

Places likely to have magnetic loops are customer service counters, waiting roomplaces with public address system (airports either Train Stationsfor example) or with intercoms and automatic intercomsas well as public places such as cinemas, theaters, assembly halls either conference rooms.

He Royal Theatre It was the first dedicated to opera that had a magnetic loop. And although there is still a way to go, little by little important performing spaces throughout the country are using this technology. In fact, there is a Network of Accessible Theaters that, thanks to the magnetic loop system, the subtitling service and the audio descriptionmakes it easier for people with hearing problems to enjoy performances on equal terms.

Those interested in knowing in which scenarios this technological system is available can access the portalwhich centralizes all the cultural offerings developed in Spain adapted for people with sensory disabilities.

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