The latest from GRADO Statement Series arrives in Spain: GS3000e

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The latest from GRADO Statement Series arrives in Spain: GS3000e

Those from Brooklyn have been busy this summer and upped the ante with a new model from the Statement Series that audiophiles will be able to enjoy for the first time in Europe during Soundfest in Barcelona, ​​on October 5 and 6.

Madrid, October 4, 2018 – At Grado Labs they have not stopped working this summer to surprise us with three new models: the limited editions of Norwegian pine GH3 and GH4 and the jewel in the crown or, as they like to call it, “the King of Swing”: Grado GS3000e. This is the new top of the range for the Statement Series with a case made from a single piece of Cocobolo.

Cocobolo is a wood native to Central America that, like well-played music, overflows with texture and emotion. Grado had previously used this wood for the GH2 Limited Edition, and its results were so good that they did not hesitate to use it again. This time for a more voluminous model with the imposing design of the Statement Series.

The housing is made up of a single piece of Cocobolo, the largest manufactured by Grado to date and custom made to fit perfectly with the headphones. The 50mm dynamic drivers have also been meticulously tuned to achieve a wider soundstage and allow the user to immerse themselves in the impact and depth offered by its wood, a favorite of players. luthiers.

These open dynamic headphones are made up of all this, which have a frequency response of 4 Hz to 51KHz and an impedance of 32 ohm. From Grado they affirm that with this composition they have achieved one of the richest sounds that has ever come out of their factory in New York.

Grado GS3000e can be tested for the first time in Spain during Soundfest, the headphone and portable audio fair that will take place in Barcelona on October 5 and 6, fresh from Brooklyn.

Grado GS3000e will soon be available in Spain from its official distributor, Sound&Pixel Planet.

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