The Javis fire Stella Maris and write a project in the summer

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The Javis fire Stella Maris and write a project in the summer

Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi and Hidrogenesse have given a talk at the CCCB as part of the Primavera Pro activities. In it they have announced that at tonight's free concert by Stella Maris at the Fòrum in Barcelona a “cover” that Hidrogenesse will play have devised for “weeks and weeks”, trying to put themselves in the shoes of the fictional band of 'The Messiah'.

It has always been the line of work for the creation of the songs in the series. Hidrogenesse were among the first to read the script, they attended the filming several times, and devised a soundtrack with the resources and references that the girls might have in the 2010s. They have also revealed that in the last chapter they starred in a cameo, although they appear with wig and no one seems to have noticed. Calvo has called them “geniuses” while Ambrossi has compared both formations, real and fictitious, in terms of technique and humanity.

This chemistry did not always happen, because when they did the first Zoom, Ambrossi thought from Hidrogenesse's faces: “they really liked us.” Carlos Ballesteros responded, with an acidic smile: “that's how we are.”

Regarding tonight's show, Genís has described it as “a celebration of something well done.” It has been prepared and designed in recent months by a choreographer with a great presence of “corporeality.” Ambrossi has praised “Amaia's intelligence” and her “artistic vision” for agreeing to get involved in something like this, when she has already performed at Primavera Sound. “Any other singer wouldn't have done it, she would have said: 'They're going to think I'm stupid.' But she has a lot of vision. And that makes her what I have always thought since the day I met her: one of the great artists of this country.

There will be feats tonight, and Ambrossi has stressed that everything that has been prepared is only “for one night. It is a farewell to Stella Maris and 'The Messiah', although he has pointed out that nothing can ever be ruled out. “I don't see myself in 10 years presenting it in New York, like 'The Call'.” Yes, he has acknowledged that the duo of scriptwriters and directors have suffered a bit of “creative blockage” due to everything that 'The Messiah' has entailed, they have even described it as “mourning”, but they have already decided what their next project is going to be. and they will write it this summer. “'The Messiah' has opened the doors to the director I can be,” Ambrossi stressed.

As for the series they have produced about Tamara/Yurena, it has already been filmed and they assure that it will surprise. Regarding other Hidrogenesse projects, they have revealed that they have composed the soundtrack, in this case the “score” of the next film by Nacho Vigalondo (what Refree did in 'La Mesías'), 'Daniela Forever'.

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