The 'Hearing well is good for you' campaign will visit eight new cities

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The ‘Hearing well is good for you’ campaign will visit eight new cities

A year after having started his first route through different cities in Spain, the UMusic audiobus returns to the road where it will be second edition of the ‘Hearing well is good for you’ campaign. L’Hospitalet is the first stop of the eight planned with the objective of raise awareness among the population about the importance of preventing hearing problems (hypoacusis).

The second edition of the campaign ‘Hearing well makes you feel good’ It started yesterday Monday in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), where it will remain until next Friday, May 11. The rest of the planned stops are Lleida (May 14 to 18), Valencia (May 21 to 25), Madrid (June 4 to 8), Vitoria (June 11-15), Santander (June 18 to 22), Seville (September 17 to 21) and Malaga (September 24 to 28).

The UMusic audiobus, with a useful space of 17 square metersoffers the possibility that interested parties Know the status of your hearing through the UMusic app. There will also be available to visitors a hearing aid simulator to check how you hear with this hearing solution in different situations.

This audiobus is the axis on which the UMusic campaign pivots ‘Hearing well makes you feel good’what’s wrong with it three priority objectives:

  • To achieve, precisely, that hearing screenings become a priority for the general population, as occurs, for example, with dentistry or ophthalmology.
  • Break certain topics surrounding hearing problems and solutions such as earphones.
  • Remember that prevention is keyas it can allow rapid detection that helps stop the hearing loss process and, therefore, substantially improves people’s quality of life.

In addition to the mobile unit, the campaign will place information points in businesses in each city and information sessions will be held in senior centers to reach the largest possible number of people.

Oscar Chillón, responsible for UMusic in Cataloniahighlights the importance of this work to raise awareness about hearing health, “since in many cases hearing problems appear very gradually and we do not detect them until the hearing loss is advanced”. In this sense, Chillón highlights the convenience of People over 55 have their hearing checked at least once a year.

‘Hearing well feels good to you’, award for the Best social and health dissemination campaign

Award for the campaign Hear well is good for you

The first edition of the ‘Hearing well suits you’ campaign attracted nearly 10 thousand people and also managed to be distinguished as the ‘Best social and health dissemination campaign’ in the Third Edition of the New Medical Econom Awardsics.

Worrying data about hearing loss in the world

The objective of this new edition is to continue insisting on the need to take care of our hearing health. The data warn about this need since, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in ten people in the world could have hearing problems by 2050 if measures are not started. In fact, the number of people affected has increased by 20% worldwide in the last five years. In the case of Spain, it is estimated that there are 3 million people with hearing loss.

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