El Inquilino Comunista protagoniza la 3ª GaleaSHOWroom

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The Communist Tenant stars in the 3rd GaleaSHOWroom

The initiative galeaSHOWroom Since last year, it has been offering “secret shows” in the legendary Muebles Sofás Galea showroom (Getxo).

You can now enjoy part of the concert offered this spring of 2024 by the legendary band from Getxo on YouTube. The Communist Tenant in the furniture store Galea Sofa Bedswithin the initiative galeaSHOWroom.

This project is born from the unconditional passion for music of those responsible for Galea Sofa Beds, the first store in the Basque Country (active since 1968) dedicated to the sale of sofas, sofa beds, auxiliary furniture and lighting. After occasionally organizing concerts at their facilities among friends, they decided to take the step and document these musical parties.

The main feature is that the guests do not know who will perform until the last moment, what they call a “secret show.” They record and edit the live concerts held in their legendary Sofás Galea furniture showroom, in short, it is like their small tribute to the improvised concerts in the living room at home surrounded by friends. Thanks to these recordings, the bands have the recording of several of their songs live with high-quality sound and images.

The cycle premiered with McEnroe with Jimena (his daughter) for the band’s 20th Anniversary at Christmas 2022, and continued in February 2023 with the performance of the band from Malaga based in Getxo Goons Lagoon. A fourth installment, recorded a few weeks ago, will arrive soon.

Currently The Communist Tenant They are Santi Real de Asua (Guitar and Vocals), Álvaro Real de Asua (Guitar and Vocals), Ricardo Andrade “Richi” (Bass and backing vocals) and Javier Letamendia “Leta” (Drums). The songs selected from the concert for the video are “Pastis 91”, “Wild Life” and “Sense Answers”.

It is a production of Galea Home in co-production with Chaostic and Sweet Saúl Music. They have participated Cristina Ezquerra and Juan Dopico (Cameras), Saul Santolaria (Sound and Mixing Engineer) and Juan Dopico (Realization and editing).

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