The best stereo sound for listening to television

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The best stereo sound for listening to television

People with problems hearing loss They usually see and hear the television conditioned. It is something that happens to many older people. They do not want to raise the volume too much so as not to disturb others and end up losing sounds and information from programs, movies, series, concerts or documentaries. To avoid this situation, UMusic has incorporated the Sennheiser Set 840TV and the Set 840Sboth with wireless radio frequency operation and that allow you to enjoy the better stereo sound at a distance of up to 100 meters. This is just one of the advantages of what we think can be a very good gift for the Father’s day.

Apart from covering a distance of up to 100 meters, the new Sennheiser models transmit quality sound to other rooms in the house or outside, since the signal also spreads through walls.

Both the Set 840TV and the Set 840S have an ergonomic design and adapt to the hearing profile of each person. And its transmitter has a switchable sound compression system with which it offers excellent voice intelligibility. Apart from your treble response It can be individually adapted to the user’s hearing preferences.

The Set 840S also allows hearing aid and implant users to enjoy the best stereo sound without disturbing other people in the same room. And it has functions optimized for them, such as a Wireless induction cable that transmits sound from receiver to implant.

The two models also focus on convenience by integrating a compartment in the transmitter itself to charge the spare battery. They are sold with a lithium polymer battery that provides autonomy of up to 12 hours. Its price is 320 euros and can be purchased at any of the UMusic centers.

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