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The best controller for DJS: Comparison and Guide

The exciting world of DJs is today within reach thanks to the large number of models of DJ controllers that the market offers. If you want to get started or perfect yourself in this fascinating activity, take a look here to discover which is the best controller for DJs in this comparison and guide.

To play before, several pieces of equipment were necessary, which made it difficult and expensive to take the first steps in this area. However, since DJ controllers came out, everything is much simpler and you no longer need as many configurations. Also, no more carrying heavy suitcases of vinyl, you just need a laptop with your MP3s and the DJ controller.

Most of the best DJ controllers include a sound card with output for DJ headphones. There are 2 or more channels, with Jog Wheel or touch slider and specialized software: Rekorbox, Serato, Traktor or Virtual Dj. Mixing music at home or in the club is much easier than you imagine. Ready to choose your equipment?

Best controllers for DJs on the market

Pioneer DDJ 400

The Pioneer DJ controllers They are the preferred brand of professionals around the world for their guarantee of quality in construction and sound. Pioneer DDJ 400 is one of the most popular models for following the line of cheap 2-channel DJ controllers, without sacrificing performance.

This DJ controller presents attractive new features: use of effects externally with the classic blue button and the possibility of changing or adjusting them from the table itself, without having to search for and activate them on the computer. In addition, the Jog Wheel has excellent sensitivity and allows scratch-type braking with 0 latency and a 100% professional feel.

This cheap Pioneer DJ equipment is designed to help you get the most out of the RekorboxTM software version. Its controls are intuitive allowing you to easily learn the basics, even if you’ve never been in a DJ booth. Thanks to its light weight and portable design, you can take the Pioneer DDJ-400 wherever you want to DJ.Best-controllers-for-DJs-on-the-market

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ is rated as the best DJ controller. This complete professional system is perfect for DJing at events, in a club or bar or in your private studio. It has 4 channels that you can use with Rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro and USB, in addition to being able to connect 2 external inputs in Phono and Line, Link Export and balanced outputs.

This device allows you to play tracks analyzed in Rekordbox on 2 channels with your USB or hard drive, plus 2 channels where you can mix the audio from different external sources such as your turntables, CDJ or computer. Thanks to the flexible media support you can also choose several ways to act by offering guests quality audio.

With Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ feel the freedom to create and mix sounds however you want. The large Jog Wheels allow for next-level scratching and the color On Jog Display offers crucial information about the track you’re playing. Additionally, its single-unit design with handles makes it easy to transport and set up.

Kontrol S2 MK3

This model from Native Instruments is the reinvention of their best DJ controller with full integration with the new Traktor Pro 3 (world’s leading DJ software). The DJ Kontrol S2 MK3 controller improves above all in sound quality and includes outstanding tools such as FX Select in the central part or the Browse by independent channel.

It has a USB HUB to connect an external module and give free rein to your imagination with Stems, as well as a microphone input and headphone output on a minijack. Other new features are its new large precision wheels with two modes (Jog and Beatgrid adjustment) and Beatgrid in Traktor.

The club-standard layout of the Kontrol S2 MK3 DJ controller has 2 channels and quick control of key Traktor features, 16 RGB pads for triggering Hotcues, Loops or Samples and 3 bands with EQ modeling from standard mixers.


Denon MC4000

The Denon MC4000 2-channel DJ controller features solid build quality and is available at an affordable price. Its design is sober and versatile, with an adequate size to integrate all the controls and use comfortably. It is a good alternative for beginners and intermediate users.

The Jog Wheeks are larger than other DJ controller models and have a great weight. Denon MC4000 features excellent connectivity options and 2 microphone inputs with controls for high and low. It is intended for use with Serato, but you can also use it with Traktor or Virtual Dj.

It has 8 backlit pads that allow you to control different functions such as hot cues, loops and roll loops (this mode replaces slip). In the Loop/FX section you will find all the basic controllers to operate Serato FX. The sample pads have volume control and the faders have good resistance allowing for subtle transitions, the crossfaders also offer good touch.

Numark Party Mix

If you are looking for the best DJ controller with a good quality-price ratio, the Numark Party Mix is ​​the ideal option. It has the basic functions that a DJ controller should provide, without losing the features of professional devices. It has a DJ system with 2 decks, pitch controls, multiple buttons (play, pause, sync and more), 2-band channel EQ, monitor and channel gain controls and 8 pads.

One of the great advantages of this Numark DJ controller model is that it features 16 lighting modes with integrated LED lights that flash depending on the tracks you are playing. In addition, it offers the possibility of connecting to devices via Bluetooth and also has a minijack and microphone auxiliary input system, and a headphone and main RCA output system.

Numark Party Mix is ​​an intuitive, easy-to-use DJ controller with powerful sound. It includes long battery life and Serato DJ Lite software with enough options for most users, although you have the option to upgrade to the pro version.

You already know! In this comparison and guide on the best controller for DJs, we present the most attractive equipment to fully immerse yourself in this activity that adds fans in its wake. Decide on one of these devices and leave us a comment to share your experience. If you have any questions, please contact contact us.

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