The beautiful bolero of st.  Pedro should go to Eurovision

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The beautiful bolero of st. Pedro should go to Eurovision

st. Pedro will not exactly be another of the great beneficiaries of participating in Benidorm Fest 2024. The canary does not come from nowhere, but already had the support of the industry, since he is signed to Interscope and has collaborated with Alizzz. In addition, Juanes is his “musical godfather”, according to RTVE. However, the exhibition will not hurt at all, since st. Pedro was still an unknown name in the general public. He didn’t have the journey of Jorge González or Angy, much less that of Miss Caffeina, nor the fandom of Marlena. It was one of those treasures to discover.

After becoming known in La Voz, Pedro Hernández has taken advantage during his short career of his mellow voice, very suitable for R&B, exploring different sounds of Latin music, from cumbia (‘Malapami’) to bachata (‘ It’s not what it’s supposed to do’). He has collaborated with Paula Cendejas or Luar La L and, curiously, his only album published by him, ‘st. Pedro’s Christmas Special’, it’s Christmas.

Into that interest in the classical comes ‘Two Strangers (String Quartet)’. st. Pedro is running to represent Spain in Eurovision with a bolero gentleman. ‘Two Strangers (String Quartet)’, moreover, does not attempt to modernize itself in any way, despite the linking of st. Pedro to that thing called urban music. It is not a bolero like Kali Uchis like C. Tangana, but rather it seems to look at another bolero that was already played on the Eurovision stage in 1960: ‘Ce soir-là’ by François Deguelt. By the way, coming in third place, for Monaco (that year France won with ‘Tom Pillibi’ by Jacqueline Boyer).

‘Two Strangers (String Quartet)’ not only differs from the general tone of Benidorm Fest with a classic bolero rhythm, but also thanks to a string arrangement that sounds downright chilling, evoking the best romantic pop of the 50s and 60. It cannot more elegantly reflect the pain of a lyric in which st. Pedro is singing to us about a breakup: “we hurt each other so much, and now we are two strangers,” the man from Tenerife rhymes, before concluding that, definitively, this relationship “has no solution.” It’s like ‘We’re dating’, but in the past tense.

‘Two Strangers (String Quartet)’ is not the public’s favorite at the moment, but it has gained followers among JENESAISPOP readers. With 81 votes, it is the Benidorm Fest proposal with the most votes, ahead of ‘Zorra’ by Nebulossa (63 votes) and ‘Here to Stay’ by Sofia Coll (34 votes). In the survey of wiwibloggs goes second. This is the result of the JENESAISPOP survey after a week of voting.
St. Peter, Two Strangers (Quarter String) (28%, 81 Votes)
Nebulossa, Fox (22%, 63 Votes)
Sofía Coll, Here to Stay (12%, 34 Votes)
Almácor, Platinum Shines (8%, 22 Votes)
Miss Caffeina, Blah blah blah (7%, 20 Votes)
Marlena, Summer Love (4%, 13 Votes)
Angy Fernández, I know who I am (4%, 12 Votes)
María Peláe, Sender (4%, 11 Votes)
Mantra, You’re going to see me (3%, 9 Votes)

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