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The 10 best passive speakers you can find

If you are thinking of equipping your living room to watch movies, play games or listen to music, always enjoying the highest audio quality, you will surely be interested in knowing what the best passive speakers on the market and above all, if they are the best in quality/price ratio.

Passive speakers

Before we get to work, Let’s make it clear what passive speakers are.. If you have no idea, don’t worry, you’ve probably seen more than one in your life. They are all those speakers, of any size, that they need an amplifier to work.

No, we are not referring to an electric guitar amp. These amplifiers are used to control the volume of the speakers and manage the audio inputs.

We can differentiate this type of speakers from the active ones, by means of the absence of amplifier when operatingsince they have all the components integrated.

The advantages of having passive speakers? Mainly, you will notice that there will be hardly any background noise or interference. Its performance is usually greater and in addition, if one, the amplifier or a cable breaks, you only have to repair the damaged component.

Knowing all this… Let’s kick things up a notch!

QSC E215

Let’s start very strong. This is without a doubt one of the best passive speakers you will be able to find. It is true that its price exceeds a thousand euros, which means that it is quite an investment. But, on the other hand, its features make it a good investment.


To begin with, it will give you a exceptional performance with its 1000 W of uninterrupted power. If you combine it with a PLD amplifier, for example, you will be able to access advanced settings and options in digital signal processing.

His diaphragm is made of titanium, which guarantees a longer useful life, even at maximum performance. In combination with its perforated steel grill, which has a foam coating, you will get an unmatched sound.

And the best of all? His exterior is made of woodwhich has a highly resistant textured paint that gives it an unmatched premium finish.

If you dare to make a good investment, don’t wait any longer! Get it now at the best price.


Let’s go now with a cheaper optionbut also one of the best value-for-money passive speakers.

This YAMAHA model shines for several reasons. The first are its serioussince it comes with a 15-inch woofer that will give you articulate and powerful results.

best quality price passive speakers

Apart, You will be able to save any situation thanks to its angled pole socket without being affected by a reflective surface or a low ceiling when it comes to getting the best sound. That and its plywood that prevents vibrations. A luxury!

To establish itself as one of the best passive speakers, it also has a full compatibility with YAMAHA DSP. So… What has he convinced you? It can be yours at the most competitive price, just click here.

Mackie C300Z

Want an even cheaper option while maintaining the status of being one of the best value for money passive speakers? Well here you have it, we continue lowering the price range and we find the fantastic Mackie C300Z.

His size and ergonomic design They make it ideal for transporting from one place to another and its two channels provide good dispersion, but also great audio quality.


Its 300 W power makes it a great option both for mounting and placing it on the wall or on a support or pole. If you normally spend your time carrying your materials from one place to another, This is your best option.

It has one of the best passive speakers and makes the best sound reach any corner you have in mind.

Omnitronic AZX-215

We continue to go down the price scale! This Omitronic brand passive speaker is one of the best in its price range. It has a 15” woofer so you can enjoy good bass.

This is also an excellent option to take you anywhere, although it is true that it weighs a little more than the previous one. Likewise, it also has a good inclination angle and a power of 300 W.


Another factor that elevates him as one of the best passive speakers value for money It is its bass-reflex system, as it is applied to its two channels to achieve a very very decent amplitude.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money, but do you want one of the best passive speakers that can withstand whatever you throw at it? This Omnitronic is for you.

LD Systems ICOA 15W

This option is one of the best among passive speakers. Because? Well, its design is totally off-road and its shockproof front grille will allow you to transport it from one place to another without fear of it suffering a bad blow that it won’t fit.

In addition, this version has a white finish, in case you want a different touch from the classic black of most speakers.


Can use it vertically or horizontally, as it has an incredible coaxial design that allows the CD speaker to rotate. The woofer also has a horn to achieve good bass.

If you need some extra itemsDon’t worry, this model has a wide variety to add to transportation and installation tasks. But yes, it comes already equipped with four rubber-coated aluminum handles to facilitate its handling.

Do you need more reasons to go after him? Surely not!

Max 12

If you want to have the best passive speakers under 150 eurosthese Max speakers are an excellent option.

To begin with, there are two speakers., and yes, it is true that they are mid-range, but there are two of them and we are talking about a very very reasonable price. Do you want to know what they offer? Well, the truth is that they have quite a few points in their favor. Its woofer magnet is good enough to stand out and the woofer itself is 12”.


Another very notable aspect to take into account is that they are not tremendously large, so their weight it is quite light. A plus in their favor if you want to take them for a ride so they can perform in any project or event.

Don’t think too much about it! This is a great purchase.


Now we’ve raised the price a little, but don’t worry, nothing outrageous. This Behringer is going to suit you perfect if you want to have one of the best passive speakers with better quality price, especially to show off live.


With its 800 W of power, its 1.75” compression head that also has a titanium diaphragm and its 12” woofer, you will have a totally professional and reliable stage monitor. The best of all? You can get it right now for less than 200 euros.

Also has 2 audio channels, high-quality wideband dynamic range and frequency and a trumpet design for the best dispersion. And don’t worry, if you plan to move it from one place to another, it has two handles and a reinforced shock-proof grill. Quite a bargain!


Do you need a distinctive touch? Don’t worry, because this Fenton is not only one of the best value for money passive speakers, but It’s going to give you a pretty cool roll thanks to its built-in LEDs and its carpet finish.


But since appearance is not everything, we are also going to review its features a little. To start we find high quality 3-way with bass-reflex system. Its corners are protected with metal and it has 600 W of power and the possibility of adding a 35 mm tripod.

If you have been convinced by this Fenton, which is undoubtedly one of the best value for money passive speakers, you can buy it right now here.

Electro Voice ELX200-15

With its peak power of 1200 W and its wide dispersion anglethis is one of the best passive speakers from the Electro Voice brand.

If you get it, you will have 3 fly points for M10 threadDual NL4 connection, a durable plastic housing, Signal Synchronized Transducer function and the possibility of using it as a stage monitor.

As you see, you have a lot of possibilities! Does it convince you?

BOSE LT-9702 WR Panaray

Let’s finish on a high note. Are you a professional in the world of sound? Do you need power for very large spaces such as stadiums or stands? Then this speaker is for you.

Is it the most expensive we have seen? Yes, simple and clear, but we have to understand that this It is a professional work tool that we should see as an investment. And it’s going to be a good investment, which is why we consider it one of the best passive speakers. If you need a solvent and reliable option for your work, don’t hesitate, it’s yours.

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