Technological accessories for cochlear implant users

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Technological accessories for cochlear implant users

He cochlear implant has changed the lives of thousands of people, allowing them to recover the emotion of hearing. Furthermore, thanks to technological advances and the digitalization of the sector, users of this hearing solution count on accessories that make it easier for you to follow meetings and video callsas well as TV shows and movies.

The pandemic caused by coronavirus It has forced us to limit our personal and work relationships, which have been channeled through video calls and meetings and gatherings with a safe distance. Even classes and training have become virtual or semi-virtual. In this context, some of the existing accessories for cochlear implant userswhose objective is to facilitate communication when it also occurs at a distance.

Mini Microphone 2+

mini microphone
The Mini Microphone 2 +This device transmits the voice of the wearer or a group of people – if left on a table – directly to the sound processor. Therefore, it facilitates communication for cochlear implant users in group meetings or with interlocutors with whom they must keep a distance. This microphone offers connectivity to audio sources such as TV, Hi-Fi, loop-through systems and FM systems. This cochlear implant accessory is available in the UMusic online store.

Wireless Phone Clip

Phone Clip
This cochlear implant accessory offers the great advantage of sending audio in stereo quality from a smartphone or tablet to the sound processor via Bluetooth. Thus, Wireless Phone Clip It allows implanted people to fully enjoy their favorite music and videos. It is a small piece that is attached to clothing with a clip. This accessory includes the option to control mobile phone voice commands. This device is also available in the UMusic online store.

Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer

TV Streamer
This cochlear implant accessory sends the audio signal from the television to the sound processor via Bluetooth. And it does so with stereo quality, also allowing you to adjust the volume. The Cochlear Wireless TV Streamer can be purchased through the UMusic online store.

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