Teenage Engineering PO-137: Rick and Morty

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TE PO-137: Rick and Morty non stop

Teenage Engineering PO-137: Rick and Morty

We now have the new Teenage Engineering synthesizers available: PO-137, Rick and Morty special edition. It’s time for action.

As? You still don’t know what Rick and Morty is? Well, it’s about time: Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim animated series that, mixing Sci-Fi with hooligan humor, has been going strong for a few years. The protagonists are, in fact, the teenager Morty and his crazy, alcoholic and foul-mouthed grandfather Rick. They are both voiced by series creator Justin Roiland, whom you have sampled in PO-137.

This new pocket synthesizer comes loaded with samples of the series’ voices, although you can to put your own through the integrated microphone. It has a memory for samples of 120 seconds, so warm up your voice, since the possibilities it offers to squeeze the samples they are very funny.


As you will see, PO-137 has voices by Justin Roiland, and phrases from the series. We have also received the matching covers, so that your kit is complete.

PO137 Features

  • Limited edition created in collaboration with the famous animated series Rick and Morty with Grammy-winning producer Justin Roiland
  • Very compact vocal synthesizer and sequencer
  • Includes microphone
  • 8 different types of voice sampling and character options
  • Justin Roiland voice and custom sounds from the Rick and Morty series
  • Incorporates animated LCD screen
  • 120 second sample memory
  • Clock/alarm function

A great addition to the Pocket Operator family, which is becoming more varied every day. Be sure to take a look at them, as a Christmas gift, they are amazing!

Po-137 unboxing
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