Taylor Swift steals the number 1 in the United Kingdom from Charli xcx

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Taylor Swift steals the number 1 in the United Kingdom from Charli xcx

The battle for number 1 on the British charts this week was going to be between Bon Jovi and Charli xcx, in principle. All until Taylor Swift made a move with another special edition of 'The Tortured Poets Department', coincidentally only available to her fans in the United Kingdom. Thus, Taylor has managed to keep 'TTPD' at number 1 for the sixth week, ahead of the acclaimed 'BRAT', which enters second position.

While Charli has achieved the best first week of her career, Taylor has never placed an album at No. 1 in the UK for so many weeks, occupying it for six non-consecutive weeks. On the other hand, Bon Jovi has achieved third place with 'Forever', their 18th album to reach the Top 10 in the United Kingdom.

After it was announced yesterday that Charli xcx was on track to achieve her second consecutive number 1 album with 'BRAT', Taylor Swift once again repeated the move she made against Billie Eilish to maintain her top spot on the charts. In this way, a few hours after the news, Swift announced a new digital edition of 'TTPD' exclusively for the United Kingdom with some extra songs ('Live From Paris'). This would be the 34th version of Taylor's latest album.

Of course, Charli's fans have harshly criticized Taylor's attitude. “At this point, you have to admire the level of shameless malice,” reads Popjustice. Other users, in X, point out that “if it were any other artist, they would be singled out and the rules would change.” “There is no other reason for these endless, calculated relaunches,” they say, referring to Swift's desire to stay at No. 1.

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