Take care of your ears in summer and on vacation

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Take care of your ears in summer and on vacation

The month of July is ending, which means that most people are about to enjoy their vacations. And of course, swimming in pools, beaches or rivers will be one of the main attractions. That is why specialists once again insist on the need to care for and protect our ears in summer to prevent humidity from causing an infection that could affect our time of rest and fun. It is not necessary to remember that otitis is never a good travel companion…

The combination of high temperatures with humidity is an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria to settle in our ears, causing infections. In this sense, the most common discomfort is otitis, an infection that causes inflammation of the ear canal and that affects both children and adults. To avoid this problem, there is nothing better than preventing it by drying your ears well after each dip. Simple but effective.

In the case of those who practice water sports, the risk is greater, so it is recommended that they use auditive protectors. There are them for children and adults and with custom molds. Made of hypoallergenic silicone, these protectors fully adjust to the shape of the ear canal, offering greater protection. And to achieve greater safety, there are also adjustable protective bands that prevent the molds from falling.

In those cases where the infection has already occurred and coincides with a trip, it is better to avoid the plane, since the pressure in the cabin can increase the sensation of pain and lead to greater injuries.

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Also in summer we must promote the hygiene of our ears. The accumulated wax can absorb water during the bath, swelling and causing a plug. Furthermore, the vast majority of the population does not use adequate methods to clean their ears and confess that they continue to use cotton swabs, a system that can harm our hearing health, since all it does is push the wax inside, causing infections or even perforations.

7 tips to prevent hearing problems this holiday
Since vacations are about having a good time, we leave you seven simple tips to take care of your ears and avoid discomfort and problems this summer.

  • Using protectors is the best way to prevent ear infections and discomfort. They should preferably be adapted and made of flexible, light and hypoallergenic material.
  • Take special care not to dive into unhealthy waters. Dirty or contaminated water contains bacteria and germs that can damage your ears.
  • Do not use cotton swabs. It is better to let the ear’s natural cleaning system expel the wax out and, in any case, use seawater diffusers to keep them clean.
  • Keep ears dry. Moisture in the ear canal must be avoided at all costs.
  • Slowly enter the water. Water pressure can cause hearing damage.
  • Be careful when traveling. The pressure of air travel and air currents in the car can cause injuries to the ear canal.
  • Go to the doctor. If you have the slightest suspicion of infection or discomfort, go to the doctor to prevent it from getting worse.

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