Take care of your ears during Easter too

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Take care of your ears during Easter too

Many of you who are reading us will already be enjoying your Easter holidays. Or you will be ready. And surely a high percentage of you have already seen or participated (or will do so) in some procession or traditional Holy Week event. Among the latter, the drums. They are spectacular. But the noise is notable and it does not hurt that, also on this occasion, let’s take care and protect our ears a little.

Drums and Holy Week are synonymous with Bajo Aragón, where the so-called Drum and Bass Drum Routedeclared of IInternational Tourist Interest and which unites almost a dozen towns in the area, the best known being Calanda, Alcañiz and Híjar. In all cases, the drums are characterized by uniting hundreds of drums in unison and for many hours in a row. Therefore, if you plan to enjoy this unique spectacle, the ideal is to take a series of precautions to avoid ear damage.

The risk in this type of traditional acts, as can also occur in fireworks shows, is the noise induced hearing losswhich can be produced either by a loud sound (a detonation) or by prolonged exposure to sounds louder than 80 decibels (dB).

Among the most common problems caused by this hearing loss is the appearance of tinnitus. And although many times these ringing or ringing in the ear disappear, they can also persist over time.

Once again, the best and most effective advice to enjoy the Holy Week events without damaging our hearing is to maintain a safe distance from the origin of the sound. And of course, limit the exposure time to it. This prevention is notably reinforced in the case of babies and young children. In short: take care of your ears during Easter too.

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