State-of-the-art hearing aids: digital and almost invisible

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State-of-the-art hearing aids: digital and almost invisible

Digital hearing aids

The latest generation hearing aids are digital hearing aids, which improves their performance and allows their size to be reduced even further, making them almost invisible. The evolution of this hearing solution is also constant, with new technical and connectivity improvements. The latest generation hearing aids are, in fact, miniature computers that make it possible to minimize hearing loss.

invisible hearing aids

Digital hearing aids have become even smaller. The result is that they are practically invisible, something highly valued by their users, who always promote the comfort and discretion of these hearing aids. A good example of these new headphones are the amply-miniwhich are the smallest on the market.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Forget about batteries with the new digital hearing aids, which incorporate lithium ion batteries that guarantee a duration of up to 40% longer compared to traditional models. The result is that you can use them for 24 hours straight.

Bluetooth headphones

The latest generation headphones connect with all types of audio devices thanks to the bluetooth technology. Thanks to this advanced connectivity, this hearing solution can be linked to your television, your smartphone or your music player. In most cases, the only requirement is to use a mobile application, both for Android and iOS operating systems.

Hearing aids with artificial intelligence

The new hearing aids offer personalized hearing, adjusted to the needs of each user. This incorporation of individualized listening programs is achieved thanks to the artificial intelligence and real-time machine learning algorithms.

Headphones with high-performance chip

As we pointed out at the beginning, the latest generation hearing aids are miniature computers. In fact, they incorporate high-performance chips that allow more powerful processors to be enabled in the hearing aid. In this way, the user obtains amplification focused only on the frequencies of the individual hearing loss.

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