Spring Allergies Can Cause Hearing Problems

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Spring Allergies Can Cause Hearing Problems

The spring It is the favorite season for many people. But surely those who suffer from the dreaded diseases do not think the same. spring allergiesinvolving cough and mucus, irritated eyes, respiratory problems and sneezing. A symptomatic condition that, furthermore, if not prevented and controlled, can harm the ear already ours hearing. Prevention, again, is key to treating these allergic conditions.

Although it may surprise, the spring allergies can lead to hearing problems. And, although it is true that the main affected by this phenomenon are usually the respiratory tract, as well as the nose and eyes, the connection that exists between the ear, nose and throat through the Eustachian tube contributes that the first could also be harmed. In fact, many times these allergic symptoms are accompanied by ear discomfort or a sensation of blockage, something that could end up leading to a slight hearing loss. By this same connection, the inflammation and mucus buildup in the respiratory tract can lead to otitis, rhinitis either ear infections.

Also in some patients with atopic dermatitis or with seasonal rhinoconjunctivitis episodes of itching in the external ear canal and eczema (dryness).

It is true that allergies are inevitable for those who suffer from them. But there are treatments to alleviate its effects and avoid affecting our hearing ability. The doctor Juan Royocommunity specialist on-line Living the Soundinsists on the convenience of acting quickly when the first symptoms appear: “It is important to go to the doctor to treat allergies and keep them under control, since, in this way, we will prevent inflammation and infections from arising in the ear”.

You don’t have to hold back your sneezes.
Another important tip: do not hold back your sneezes. Maria Andrea Ricardoresponsible for the Otorhinolaryngology service of the British Hospital and medical advisor UMusic Hearing Centersremember that “If we close the nasal passages during sneezing, that air flow will enter through the Eustachian tube, reaching the middle ear with great pressure. This air current can cause anything from intense pain to rupture of the eardrum or inner ear, with consequent hearing loss that could be temporary or permanent.”

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