Sorpasso: 'Tattoo' is already Loreen's most popular song

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Sorpasso: ‘Tattoo’ is already Loreen’s most popular song

It is the month of December and it is time to look back on what the year has brought us. One of the events was – as always – Eurovision and specifically Loreen’s victory. The 7th for Sweden.

A look at her statistics leaves a surprise: we can long consider that ‘Tattoo’ is Loreen’s most successful song, surpassing ‘Euphoria’ herself. If that first victory was the demonstration that a Eurovision song could triumph beyond the festival, becoming a pioneer in this regard in the 21st century (in the previous one we had witnessed the ABBA phenomenon), the trend is now established.

‘Tattoo’ has 362 million streams on Spotify, compared to the 255 that the two versions of ‘Euphoria’ would add. There will be those who will argue that in 2012 not so many subscribers had access to this platform, for example, in America, but the truth is that ‘Tattoo’ figures are excellent on different levels.

‘Tattoo’ has been a gold record in the United Kingdom, which implies 400,000 copies: number 2 in this country improved the figure of ‘Euphoria’ and was not exactly a flash in the pan. It has also been platinum in France, multi-platinum in Poland, and a success in disparate territories such as Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy and Portugal. In addition to number 1 in Sweden, the one achieved in Holland, Israel, Iceland, Austria and Greece stands out. On Billboard’s global charts it has been top 15, top 7 excluding the United States, a territory it has only partially reached. It lasted in the tops for months.

If you have the perception that ‘Tattoo’ has had a worse reach than ‘Euphoria’, it is probably because you read us from Spain. Our country has been one of the least enthusiastic about ‘Tattoo’. If ‘Euphoria’ was top 2 in Spain and went platinum (40,000 units), ‘Tattoo’ had to settle for 22nd place and a gold record (right now, 30,000 units).

Exactly the opposite of what has happened in places like France, where ‘Tattoo’ has had a much greater impact than ‘Euphoria’. If it did not go beyond 26th place in the neighboring country and did not obtain any certification, ‘Tattoo’ was up to number 7 and is platinum with more than 200,000 copies in France.

Of course, Loreen’s latest single, ‘Is It Love’, has had less impact. Let’s say that the artist has not gained public loyalty in the manner of Måneskin…

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