Sorpasso: 'Despechá' is Rosalía's biggest hit

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Sorpasso: 'Despechá' is Rosalía's biggest hit

'Desphá' has just surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify, and the news is appearing in media like Billboard. The singer celebrated it on Instagram and that has caught the attention of followers and websites. For example, Billboard highlights that it is a solo Spanish song, unlike, for example, the song by the also Spanish Quevedo with the Argentine Bizarrap, which has 1.7 million streams.

In turn, in recent days 'Despechá' has become Rosalía's most played song on Spotify, surpassing 'La noche de noche' with Bad Bunny, which is also approaching 1 billion streams. Today this duo accumulates 989 million, being something before 'Desphá', which will be 2 years old this summer.

Rosalía's progression has a lot of merit because one day it seemed that 'Malamente' would be Rosalía's most famous and iconic song. Afterwards it seemed like 'With height', perhaps 'Me x you, you x me', of course the collaboration with Bad Bunny… In short, many times it seemed that Rosalía had hit her ceiling… but no.

The singer continues working on her 4th studio album and has written on Instagram that “the wait will be worth it.” At the moment, even tentative dates are unknown. Will we have something new from Rosalía this year?

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