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Solid State Logic SSL 2: Superior Recording

SSL Dashboard 2

The SSL 2 sets out to burst the audio interface market for home studio. And it looks like she’s going to get it.

Without really listening to the results it can offer, the SSL 2 It is an alternative that every amateur and professional home should be taken into account when purchasing an engraving tool. Previous SSLanalog recording mode 4K based on the SSL 4000 consoles, and it looks like pure “Solid State Logic”, Alps potentiometers, Neutrik connectorsa very complete software package,… On paper, of course, it is impeccable.

SSL 2 Top View

There are two flavors: SSL 2 “just” and SSL 2+, which has 4 outputs and two headphone outputs, for duos and pairs of engineers. The + It also includes MIDI input and output.

SSL+ Back View

Here are the complete features:

System requirements and specifications:
Mac OS 10.11 and higher | Class compliant, Plug-and-play
Windows 8.1, Windows 10 | Install the included ASIO/WDM driver

USB 2.0 Type C connector (box includes Type C to C and Type C to A)

Microphone preamplifiers
EIN: -130.5 dB
Gain range: 62 dB

Maximum instrument input level: +15 dBu
Maximum line input level: +24 dBu
* Specifications (Measured according to AES17 standards)

monitor outputs
Dynamic Range: 112 dB
Maximum output level: +12.5 dBu

Headphone output
Dynamic range: 111 dB
Maximum output: +10 dBu

Sample rates
44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz

And here is what Solid State Logic itself says:

About his previous

The Art: We’ve designed 2 beautiful and detailed class-leading mic preamps to capture every nuance of every performance, with enough gain to cope with whatever mic you’re plugging in.

The Technology: Many USB-powered audio interfaces use standard IC circuits in their microphone amplifier designs. We prefer to use a different approach. Our 2-stage design uses a mix of specially selected low-noise discrete transistors in combination with integrated circuits. This allows us to design microphone preamplifiers with exceptional noise performance and superior gain range.

• Better noise performance: -130.5 dB EIN
• Large gain range: 62 dB

And what do they say about their 4K mode?

Legacy 4K is a completely new analog enhancement effect, inspired by the character of a series console SSL 4000 (often referred to as ‘4K’). With the Legacy 4K button, we’ve distilled 2 essential features of 4K sound into a single circuit, which you can activate when you need to breathe life into ‘dull’ or ‘boring’ sound input sources.

First Feature: High Frequency EQ Boost – The first thing the Legacy 4K button activates is to introduce a “straight” but musical high frequency EQ boost, something the 4000 Series EQs are known and loved for.

Second feature: Subtle harmonic distortion: 4K consoles are synonymous with imparting a certain ‘mojo’ to the signals that pass through them. This mojo comes through multiple stages of harmonic distortion from VCA compressors, VCA Faders and other crucial areas like transistor mixing amplifiers. Using modern components, we’ve created a circuit that injects a controlled amount of sweet, tuned harmonic distortion into the signal path, helping to sharpen your sound!

Great marketing, yes. We just need to see if this translates into reality. Because, of course, what we haven’t told you yet is the price… ¡€239 for SSL 2 and €319 for SSL 2+! How is your body feeling? For the price of a plugin that emulates the 4000 (you have it in UA and Waves) you have an interface with emulation of the brand that created them.

SSL Production Pack

Speaking of plugins, the SSL 2 also includes a fairly complete software package, with Ableton Live Lite, Pro Tools First, SSL plugins, Komplete Start and 1.5Gb of Loopcloud library, so you can get to work right out of the box. box.

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