Sofía Vergara hits Pablo Motos in El Hormiguero

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Sofía Vergara hits Pablo Motos in El Hormiguero

When Twitter is interested in one thing, there is that thing for a while. And Sofía Vergara’s time at El Hormiguero was such good Twitter content that the most diehards of the social network were not going to let it escape. Above all, because it turned out to be a shower of insults from the actress to Pablo Motos. Since yesterday there has been no other topic of conversation on the platform.

“Ask more precise questions if you don’t want me to answer you generically,” Sofía Vergara tells the presenter with a laugh when he makes fun of her answers in one of the moments of the program. That was just one of the many responses that have begun to go viral on the social network… and the whole interview was a small scuffle that seems to have been taken with humor by both.

Among the most commented comments about the actress, the one in which she refers to her Emmy nominations stands out. “How do you pronounce ‘Modern Family’?” Pablo Motos asks after Sofía Vergara didn’t pronounce the title of the series completely correctly. Quickly, the actress realizes that the presenter is trying to laugh at her pronunciation and blurts out: “Oh, because you speak better English than me?” “How many Emmy nominations do you have in the United States, sorry?” she immediately counter-questions him.

Some still have doubts about whether the joke was planned or not, but none of that matters on Twitter. The zasca is huge and spreads like wildfire on the platform. However, Motos responds that he has 2 Emmy nominations, which is true. But Vergara has 4. And, when the actress rephrases the question referring to the Golden Globes, the presenter says that they are “minor awards” and he doesn’t care “a little bit.”

The beatings continued throughout the night, even going through the hair. “One thing they have given me in the documentation that I assume is a lie is that you are a natural blonde,” Motos tells her. «No, it’s mine, but there (in the photo) I was 20 years old and here I am 51 years old. I mean, did your hair turn out like that? », she responds, referring to her gray hair.

Although there was good vibes between them during the program and some of the jokes seem, in fact, agreed upon, there is a revealing fact that could confirm that the presenter was not very amused: the video in which all the jokes are compiled of Sofía Vergara is being removed from social networks. Clinging to the issue of “copyright”, El Hormiguero spent all day yesterday eliminating the video of the tweets with the highest number of interactions, which means that the program has no interest in it being spread on the networks.

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