Share your summer photo and win a Cochlear Nucleus Aqua+ Kit

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Share your summer photo and win a Cochlear Nucleus Aqua+ Kit

Summer invites you to move. To go out, to go to the beach and the pool, to share activities with friends and family. AND At UMusic we want cochlear implant users to share some of the photographs that reflect that the most fun time of the year has already arrived. Doing so has a reward: the participants You can win a Cochlear Nucleus Aqua+ Kitan essential complement to be able to swim and submerge while protecting the sound processor.

Those interested in participating in our contest just have to share their summer photo on Facebook, Twitter either instagram accompanied by the hashtag #AquaPlusGAES. The deadline to compete ends this June 30.

A professional UMusic jury will be in charge of choose the funniest and most original photo among all those that have been shared during this promotion. And the winner will receive a Cochlear Nucleus Aqua + Kit or an Aqua + case for Kanso so that he can fully enjoy this summer at the beach or pool without worrying about his sound processor.

The kit Aqua+composed of a soft and flexible silicone case and one adapted coil, seals any water ingress so the processor remains dry. In this way, its users can enjoy the sound in the water and also hear any instructions that other people give them, a very practical situation especially for children and their parents.

The Aqua+ kit has been developed by Cochlear and successfully tested so that can be used for two hours continuously and at a depth of up to 3 meterscomplying with the IP68 water protection standards. Furthermore, the same tests show that this accessory can be reused up to 50 times.

Aqua+ is designed for those people who use CP810, CP910, CP920 and CP1000 sound processors with rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, users of the Kanso processor (CP950) You can also protect your processor in water with the Aqua+ Case for Kanso and alkaline batteries. In this case, it is recommended to use the cover in combination with the safety cord Aqua+.

20% discount on the purchase of your Aqua+

Also until June 30, the exclusive UMusic offer is valid through which you can benefit from a 20% discount if you buy your Aqua+ (Aqua+ Kit or Aqua+ Case for Kanso). This promotion is valid at UMusic reference centers for implants in Spain. The discount cannot be combined with the card discount. MyClubGAES.

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