Sex Pistols fichan a Frank Carter para dos conciertos benéficos

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Sex Pistols sign Frank Carter for two benefit concerts

While John Lydon continues to make headlines for various reasons, Sex Pistols announce two special concerts in which they will perform in full “Never Mind The Bollocks” with nothing less than Frank Carter as a vocalist.

Frank Carter to become the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, backed by Glen Matlock, Paul Cook and Steve Jonesfor two special concerts in which the band will perform their classic in full “Never Mind The Bollocks”. It will be the August 13 and 14 at Bush Hall in London.

These will be two charity concerts to raise funds for Bush Hall itself, a venue that is experiencing financial problems in these difficult times for venues. According to Paul CookSex Pistols drummer, “We are going to play these benefit concerts for Bush Hall with the famous Frank Carter. We are going to play Sex Pistols songs because the hall needs support and money. It will be a good way to prevent it from falling. It's my local venue. I grew up in Shepherd's Bush and I still live there. It would be a shame if that venue went away and we want it to continue, so everyone come to the gigs.”

For his part, Carter has said “It will be a great pleasure from start to finish. When the Pistols call, you answer. I'm really excited to be a part of this.” On the other hand, let us remember that Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes will be performing in Barcelona (November 7, Razzmatazz 2), Bilbao (November 8, Santana 27), A Coruña (November 9, Pelícano) and Madrid (November 11, Sala But).

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