Sevdaliza scores a hit invoking Totó La Momposina

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Sevdaliza scores a hit invoking Totó La Momposina

Sevdaliza continues promoting her upcoming album, details of which are still unknown, and her latest step has been the release of a single called ‘Alibi’ which brings together the author of ‘ISON’ with Pabllo Vittar, one of the superstars of Brazilian pop, and with the French singer and model Yseult, known for her mini streaming hit ‘Corps’.

‘Alibi’, the song that Sevdaliza premiered at the last edition of Sónar, is based on an unpredictable mix of styles and references that includes carioca funk rhythms in the verses and, in the chorus, on the one hand, a slow reggaeton beat and, on the other, a chanted melody based on that of ‘Rosa’ by Totó La Momposina: “Rosa, how beautiful you are,” say the lyrics.

Sevdaliza’s “alibi” is a woman, as the Dutch singer also sings in the chorus: “When I’m out of breath, she gives me life / When I need to speed up, she’s my unconditional friend / When I lose faith, she’s my idol.” Sevdaliza then reveals her secret: “I just killed a man, and she’s my alibi.”

‘Alibi’ is a song to sisterhood that also includes a reference to Sevdaliza’s previous single: “Amiga incondicional” would be the Spanish translation of ‘Ride or Die’, a song in which Sevdaliza joined forces with two other women, Tokischa and Villano Antillano.

With ‘Ride or Die, Pt. 2’, Sevdaliza achieved her biggest international success on streaming platforms a few months ago, reaching the Spotify global top spot, and the same is happening with ‘Alibi’: ‘Alibi’ has just broken into the top 100 of Spotify’s global chart and is currently ranked number 87. It seems that ‘Alibi’ could surpass the impact of ‘Ride or Die, Pt. 2’ and become Sevdaliza’s biggest hit.

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