Serj Tankian does not respect Imagine Dragons “as human beings”

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Serj Tankian does not respect Imagine Dragons “as human beings”

Serj Tankian, vocalist of System of a Down, has once again harshly criticized Imagine Dragons after they ignored the request that Tankian made to them last summer in reference to the concert they had scheduled in Azerbaijan, which finally took place. just. “Fuck his art,” the singer commented in a new interview.

The letter that Tankian wrote to the Las Vegas group tried to convince them to cancel the concert they had scheduled in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, because it “could help whiten the image of the dictatorial regime.” Brian Eno, Thurston Moore and Roger Waters also tried to stop them with a public letter, which failed to even spark a reaction from Imagine Dragons.

Although Tankian claims to understand that they have played there “for money.” However, if it had been him, it would not have crossed his mind: “When there is a government that is going to commit ethnic cleansing, when Azerbaijan was starving 120,000 Armenians and not letting in any food or medicine… like artist, if I had found out about it, there is no fucking way I would have done the concert. But some artists do.

As for Tankian’s opinion on Imagine Dragons, the vocalist leaves no room for doubt, although he declares that he doesn’t know “what to say about them”: “I don’t respect them as human beings. “Fuck their art, they are not good human beings, in my opinion,” the ‘Toxicity’ vocalist said forcefully. Imagine Dragons still do not respond to Tankian’s statements.

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