Selena Gomez confirms a pop album with R&B moments

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Selena Gomez confirms a pop album with R&B moments

Everything seems to indicate that Selena Gomez will release a new album next year. The artist, who published ‘Rare’ in 2020, is ready for the release of her next album. She made it known in an interview for Vogue Mexico, where she revealed details about the sound of the music she has been working on.

The truth is that, although more than three years have passed since her last album was published, Selena Gomez has recently been very present on radio stations around the world. Her Afrobeat song with Rema, ‘Calm Down’, has been a hit. Additionally, she released the song ‘My Mind & Me’ for her own documentary and surprised her with her ‘Single Soon’ a few months ago. However, nothing gave concrete information about her next album. But the singer has finally decided to speak out on the matter.

“Freedom, that is the main theme of the album,” confesses Selena Gomez for Vogue México, clarifying that she refers to removing the “ties” that she “had when she was 20 years old.” On the other hand, she has justified her delay in the process of creating the album by her “little habit” of writing upbeat songs. «I had nothing to write about because I’m very used to writing sad girl music. And I love a song like that, but I wasn’t going through something that was destroying me,” says the artist.

Selena Gomez achieved her first number 1 in the United States with ‘Lose You To Love Me’, the lead single from ‘Rare’. However, the singer has revealed that she realized that the songs that came out of her were “happy and encouraging”: “I want to try to find ways to make good pop music, with a message that really means something.” In addition, the sound will also have R&B moments a la ‘Good For You’, one of the most famous songs from ‘Revival’.

The change in sound compared to her old music has also caused a different feeling in Selena Gomez: “It’s so fun… it’s different to walk into the studio and say ‘let’s party.'” “I haven’t written a single sad song for this album,” she commented in the interview. However, the song ‘Single Soon’, which fits this description, “is not representative of the entire album.” The artist has avoided giving any release date, but it seems that her new album is closer than ever.

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