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Saiko and Yandel, highest entry in Spain with ‘Corleone’

The phenomenon around Saiko from Granada continues stronger than ever. The artist, who has become one of the great revelations of 2023 thanks to his song ‘Reina’ with Mora, the remix of ‘Polaris’ or the sleeper hit ‘Cosas que no te dice’, is going to close the year with the highest entry of the week in Spain. He does it with Yandel with ‘Corleone’, a reggaeton song from the EP ‘Saliendo del Planeta’ that debuts directly at number 16. Another of the songs on the EP, ‘Extasisssssss’, enters at number 54.

Although Dellafuente and Morad continue at number 1 in Spain with ‘Manos Rotas’, there is room on the list for another of the week’s leading EPs: ‘GRX’ by Lola Índigo. In position 17, the instant hit ‘Yo Tengo Un Novio’ with La Zowi stands out, while in position 28 he places his collaboration ‘El Condenao’ with Maka.

Another of the most played songs last week was ‘TQMQA’ by Eladio Carrión, a tribute to his family with tropical sounds that comes in at number 22. Below is the collaboration ‘No Te quieren Conmigo’ by Lunay and Luar The L at 33. In addition, Bad Gyal barely manages to enter the top 50 with his new song ‘Give Me’, one of UMusic’s songs of the day.

Driven by the three concerts she is preparing at the Bernabéu for next summer, Karol G includes ‘qué chimba de vida’ in 61, the song with which the artist celebrates one of her best years. The last entry of the week goes to RVFV and Beny JR with ‘Ten Cuidao’, which debuts at number 75.

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