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Rotel Diamond Series

Founded in 1961, the Japanese Rotel is closely linked to the democratization of very high quality home sound, that is, what is known as High End audio. In order to celebrate more than six decades of obsession with offering the best sound at the best price thanks to the continued and rigorous application of what is known as Balanced Design ConceptRotel has just launched the Diamond Seriesconsisting of the stereo integrated amplifier with DAC RA-6000 and CD transport block with DAC DT-6000. Two products considered by their creators to be the culmination of Rotel’s know-how and legacy in circuit design, power supply engineering and component selection, all topped by an industrial design that respectfully showcases the past, present and future of Rotel. an iconic brand. He RA-6000 is a exquisite electronics that provides a no-compromise audio processing solution, while providing the convenience of a high power integrated amplifier (2×200 watts into 8 ohms or 2×350 watts into 4 ohms).


In its development, Rotel engineers used many of the embedded technologies for the first time in the elitist Michi Series of the Japanese firm, as well as design methods of the recently marketed MKII models. Thus, they have been implemented design strategies for the isolation of the power supply (starred by an opulent toroidal transformer), which have allowed reduce both background noise such as residual noise. On the other hand, the optimization of the path traveled by the signal has provided extra insulation of low-current, high-gain circuits in order to reduce stray emissions and thus improve the transparency and contrast of the sound. An extensive range of inputs, configuration options, features and output connectors ensure full compatibility con analog and digital sources. Thus, the optical (3) and coaxial (3) digital outputs support 24-bit/192 kHz audio streams, while the asynchronous PC-USB connection is file compatible audio up to 32-bit/384 kHz and supports rendering of MQA files.


The RA-6000 is Bluetooth aptX HD compatible and can be conveniently integrated into all types of custom systems. As far as the DT-6000stands out first of all for the extremely smooth and quiet operation of its CD transport block, which can also read MP3-encoded recordings. Even more relevant is the D/A conversion section, centered on an ESS Saber ES9028PRO “chip” as the result of exhaustive listening sessions. Said DAC uses an 8-channel configuration that in the DT-6000 has been modified to dedicate 4 of these channels to each of its 2 stereo channels. The redundancy in the digital processing of digital data through balanced circuits that this entails, and the use of a dedicated toroidal transformer, ensure that the subtleties of the music are transcribed with unprecedented clarity. For its part, the asynchronous PC-USB input allows render MQA files and is file compatible PCM up to 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD up to DSD256, while the coaxial and optical digital inputs support signals up to 24-bit/192 kHz.

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