Rotel A10MKII and A11MKII integrated amplifiers and CD11MKII player

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Rotel A10MKII and A11MKII integrated amplifiers and CD11MKII player

Rotel A10MKII and A11MKII integrated amplifiers and CD11MKII player

The prestigious and veteran Japanese firm Rotel has just announced the market launch of three new products which, in line with the brand’s tradition, combine exceptional quality/price ratio with a extreme musicality. This is the stereo integrated amplifier with DAC A11MKII and the compact disc player CD11MKIIwhich replace, respectively, the celebrated A11 Tribute and CD11 Tribute (developed jointly with the legendary and sadly deceased Ken Ishiwata), to which the stereo integrated amplifier is added A10 MKII. They all benefit from component improvements critical and in its circuit topology in order to increase the resolution and level of detail, while maintaining its extraordinarily competitive price. Thus, the A11MKII offers a ideal combination of power and connectivity starting from a linear power supply with a generous toroidal power transformer, manufactured by Rotel, which allows it to deliver a robust 50 continuous watts per channel in Class AB over 8 ohms, and even more with demanding speakers.


Both analog and digital sources are welcome, with available three RCA inputs line level, Digital tickets coaxial and optical, a phono stage compatible with moving magnet (MM) cartridges and Bluetooth aptX HD. The front panel includes a 1/8″ headphone jack with dedicated amplifier for private listening sessions. Meanwhile, the intuitive front panel layout houses rotary bass, treble and balance buttons and a source selector that makes using the A11MKII very convenient. Regarding the CD11MKII, it immediately stands out for its steel chassis, which supports a transport mechanics developed by Rotel to play only and exclusively compact discs. The CD11MKII’s smooth loading tray mechanism, precise laser head and quiet motorized servo system ensure perfect reading and without worries of any compact disc. In relation to the conversion from digital to analogue, it is entrusted to a Audiophile grade DAC with 32-bit/384 kHz technology signed by Texas Instruments that powers a digital filtering scheme Custom tuned low pass.


In the practical field, management functions highly intuitive features on the device itself and on the remote control supplied as standard make it easy to operate, while the visual display Front graphic shows the reading status and information corresponding to the disc metadata, title and artist name included. Finally, the third model presented by Rotel, the A10MKII, is, like the A11MKII, built around a linear power supply with an opulent toroidal transformer that allows you deliver an impressive 50 continuous watts per channel in Class AB over 8 ohms. As to connectivitythere are three line-level RCA inputs and a phono stage compatible with moving magnet (MM) capsules, while on the front panel we also find a 1/8″ headphone jack intended for private listening sessions.

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