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Roland WM-1 and WM-1D: Wireless MIDI

Roland WM-1Roland enters the wireless world. with the new WM-1 and WM-1D, you will be able to send and receive MIDI instructions without latency. Even if you have hardware from 30 years ago.

For years we bedroom musicians have been asking for a Wireless device to be able to communicate our devices. We have had several attempts, but with latencies that made it impossible to use them seriously. At last, Roland (who else) has launched two devices that will make synchronizing several MIDI clocks (for example) a child’s task.

Roland WM-1 and TR-08

You can synchronize MIDI clock of, say, the System-8 arpeggiator with the iPad’s iSpark, thanks to Apple’s Bluetooth-MIDI. EITHER shoot the sounds of the Minimoog from a MIDI keyboard with a 5-pin connection… The possibilities are limitless.

If you have a computer, you can also connect with other devices thanks to the WM-1D, which is the usb backpack for send and receive MIDI from Windows. Everything is thought out, and very well too.

Roland WM-1D

Be sure to visit Roland’s pages dedicated to the WM-1 (here) and WM-1D (here) to discover everything they have to offer. We already have them in our store, and we already told you that the price is going to make it very difficult for you not to fall into the temptation of saying goodbye to wiring (MIDI, at least).

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