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Roland SPD-SX: Better than day one

roland spd-sx

After eight years on the market, the Roland SPD-SX remains one of the best digital percussion pads on the market. Now, Roland has decided to give it more prominence. We tell you how.

Since its introduction, the SPD-SX has been the most logical choice for any drummer looking to introduce new sounds to their kit, with extensive sampling and memory capabilities. Currently we have two more excuses to get a unit.

Noiiz Bookstore

Noiiz is a sample website, where you can download (upon payment) all kinds of sounds, on a very easy-to-use platform. Roland gives us 10,000 premium samples, courtesy of Noiiz, that you can use in your SPD-SX to go to the next sound level, and have a very wide arsenal of sounds, whatever your style. From loops with atmospheres, through synthesizer arpeggios to cutting-edge percussive sounds, it will be impossible to get bored with this new library for your SPD-SX. It is valued at $199 per year.

New SPD-SX Editor

The other new tool is the SPD-SX Editor, an editor with which you can edit, organize and transfer your samples from your PC/Mac, with all that this represents in terms of convenience when operating with your samples in a computer monitor. Transferring samples is completely painless and fast. The editor is normally priced at $39.

As you will see, the offer is very juicy, and makes the SPD-SX enjoy a second youth. A drum pad with all the features you could want, now adapted for integration into any studio.

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