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Keyboard Rigs It is a super interesting initiative that shows us the Roland keyboards of famous artists, and the way they use them in their live shows.

A few days ago, we presented you how to integrate technology into your equipment if you are a drummer, and today it is playing keys. Welcome to Roland’s thinking head who has decided that we like visual content, a lot.

As instrument fans we usually like to listen to the opinions of our favorite artists talking about the equipment they use. Roland Keyboard Rigs makes our task easier, and instead of having to search for the videos, it brings them to us. feed. Also subtitled (in English), in case you have a hard time with the language.

Nick Rhodes Keyboard Rigs

The idea behind this campaign is that you can combine two keyboards for the price of one from the competition, taking you to bolus the guarantee of reliability and great sound that Roland has been demonstrating for almost 50 years. I recommend reading the entire article, because it is quite interesting.

Keyboard Rigs, explained by their creators

Roland is synonymous with keyboards and synthesizers, and over the past four long decades we’ve learned what musicians ask of their equipment. That’s why Roland offers a wide range of instruments for serious keyboard players, no matter their level. You may have compared the pros and cons of some models. What you may not know is that you can combine two pieces of equipment to achieve spectacular musical results, and at an incredibly low cost.

For the price of a single competitive product, you can have a device with two Roland keyboards that offers you two specific tools to successfully complete any musical challenge. Much better than an all-in-one that in the end is the best at nothing. This guide explains how certain models from Roland’s range of keyboards and synths can be combined, and also introduces you to several top musicians using Roland keyboards to stay ahead of the curve. What is called being in good company.

You have videos of keyboard players from recent artists, such as Kola Bello (Ellie Goulding’s keyboardist), Lawrence Insula (Rita Ora), or Peter Sené (Everything Everything). But, for me at least, what makes me salivate like a Saint Bernard is seeing:

Peter Gordeno (Depeche Mode)

Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran)

Jean Michel Jarre

And many more artists at Keyboard Rigs

Anyway, the best thing is that you take a look at the Roland Keyboard Rigs page, and enjoy listening to all of them talk about musical technology, as well as other great musicians, such as James Lavelle or Toby Chapman.

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