Robe, number 1 in Spain just before Christmas

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Robe, number 1 in Spain just before Christmas

In the week in which the data corresponding to the days before Christmas are collected (December 15 to 21), the best-selling album in the country is surprising. This is ‘Se nos transporte el aire’ by Robe, released by El Dromedario Records (and not by any multinational). Robe has a long history of loyalty in the country, with several number 1 hits behind him, both inside and outside of Extremoduro, and this album is no exception despite the Christmas competition. In fact, the previous ‘Mayéutica’ reappears in the top 98 in what becomes its 86th week on the chart (it is a gold record for a reason). The new ‘Se nos vamos el aire’ also leads the most popular vinyl chart.

It remains in position 2, even with the largest increase in copies of the week, ‘Desbaráculo piramidal’ by El Último de la Fila, already certified as a gold record. The bronze medal goes to ‘The Song You Never Saw’ by Antonio Orozco, which appears at number 3.

The entries in the top 10 are completed with ‘Antes de que amanecer’ by Morat, which reaches right at number 10. Lola Indigo reaches number 16 with ‘GRX’ despite the fact that her EP is missing the song with Saiko, which will not arrive until 2024.

Gala 3 of OT 2023 appears at number 33, and Saiko’s ‘Leaving the Planet’ is number 46. Diego 900’s ‘The Back of the Sun’ can reach number 68 (there are collaborations with Natalia Lacunza or Abhir Hathi), ‘ Soy gitano’ by Camarón de la Isla at number 80 and ‘El Príncipe 2’ by Cosculluela at number 99.

There are several re-entries in the top 100, by Tina Turner, El Barrio, Coque Malla, Miley Cyrus, Leiva… although perhaps the most unexpected is that of Rodrigo Cuevas with ‘Manual de Romería’, in the very top 100. It is his 6th week on list, the first of which reached number 9.

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